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Dear Friends and Family,

I am Shariff Youngblood and I am a Global Glimpser in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic. Today we took a tour of Loyola. Loyola is a school that goes from elementary to college. They help pay for people with low income to go to school. Our ambassadors gave us a tour around their campus. The campus also had a zoo!

Later in the day we went to Centro Tecnologia Comunitaria, a   center where kids learn and we got the chance to work directly with them. We sang songs, painted faces, and had debates about teen pregnancy. I feel like today was one of the first times everybody bonded together. It was a very long day we had a busy schedule.

Last but not least we were able to teach adults and kids some basic English in our first class today. We taught a variety of students from a small community. They were very excited and eager to get the chance to learn some or more English. We were able to breeze through our lessons and even had extra time at the end.

I feel like today was a right step forward for the whole trip. The trip overall is very fun and I’m having the time of my life and also learning new things every day. We haven’t been able to say hi but the glimpsers hope everyone is well and were all really having a good time.