Hey families and friends!

Today was our first day off from usual Global Glimpse activities. We had a great day to rejuvenate and relax, here’s a little bit about our day.

Since today was a free day, we got to explore Constanza and shop around. This was our first taste of what it is like to spend free time in a developing country. We are growing closer and closer as a group and we do that by spending down time in the common area playing Uno and fighting with each other (sort of kidding). Most glimpsers were able to go where they wanted to go such as ice cream parlor, internet cafe, and even some girls went to the Nail Salon! While some adventured out, some decided to stay back and relax at the hostel. As for the second part of the day, the glimpsers had their third successful day of English Tutoring. The glimpsers are now more confident and comfortable teaching English and are starting to build relationships with their students. We are very happy to say that we are passing the torch to Carlos and Emilla. Look forward to their wonderful blog about our first day living like a local!

My experience as Lider Del Dia was wonderful and I learned a lot about leadership qualities and still have a lot to work on. Personally I feel like Leo and I worked really well together. We split the responsibility between ourselves and neither of us took the whole burden. While I put people to sleep, Leo woke people up. Some of the things I have to work on is reminding people to drink lots of water. Even though we didn’t have many intense activities, hydration is very important. The things I’m good at was being very strict on bed time and kind of yelling at people if they weren’t in bed. Today will be cherished and never forgettable because this was a life changing experience.

– Sukritha

Lider Del Dia to me was very exciting. I loved taking on the role and having an excuse to be bossy. ESPECIALLY waking everyone up in the morning. Sukritha put everyone to bed, I woke everyone up. It was great. I feel that my experience as Lider Del Dia was very well balanced because I had a very strong co-leader to get me through the day. I believe that was the strongest point as Lider Del Dia. We worked together very well and collaborated on everything. Although there were strong points to my leadership, there’s still some things I could work on, such as reminding people to drink water. As leader, it is our responsibility remind people to hydrate but I forgot most times and our GG leaders stepped up and reminded everyone for us. 


Overall, our experience as leaders was challenging but fun. We have things to work on, but today was a well deserved day. We hope to hear more from you guys and looking to reading more comments!

Your lovely leaders

Leo and Sukritha!