Hello Everyone. My name is Michael Martinez, however, I prefer to go by Haitch (Pronounced Hey-ch). For today, I was given the opportunity to be the next Leader of the Day, which I found to be very interesting and exciting. For today, we had our very first fun day where we went on a tour at a Mangrove reserve and then we went to hang out and play at a nearby beach. For the rest of the week, we will be very busy, so we used today to have as much fun as we can before we get different work done in the days to come.Blog - day 5.1 copy

For breakfast this morning, we had some surprisingly sweet pancakes with a side of either fruit or vanilla yogurt and a bowl of fruit. After we were all done with our food, we all got ready to go down to the beach, which was a part of a wildlife reserve. We went down to the beach of Nicaragua where we met our tour guides. Blog - day 5.2We took a tour on motor boats as we rode down a Mangrove River. We saw different types of birds, a few spiders and other bugs, and even a Racoon! But, sadly he was in the shrubbery and it was difficult to keep an eye on it.

After the tour was over, we were dropped off at a nearby beach where we had a majority of our fun. We all walked around the beach and saw some beautiful sea shells that were scattered throughout the area, and most of us spent some time in the water, which was a ton of fun.

Blog - day 5.3 copyFor lunch, we went to a restaurant that was at another beach that was only five minutes away from the first beach. We had some pasta and salad as we all had varying discussions and stories about each other, which, I believe, helped us build a stronger bond as a community and as friends. After lunch was over, we spent a couple of hours at this beach. We played soccer, we played in the water, we climbed some rocks to get pictures of us at the shoreline, which was fun in itself.

After everything was said and done, we all had to go down to the hostel to talk about things we’re going to do for tomorrow. We talked about a some of people in 3rd world countries are impoverished, a quarter of the whole world don’t have access to electricity, they’re more likely to die from preventable diseases, etc. Things that will be talking more in depth about tomorrow evening.

We all had dinner and a very enthusiastic nightly meeting. As of tonight, we will start our “Living like a Local” day, where we’ll simulate what it would be like to be a local. I feel that our group, as a whole, has really bonded from this fun day and I hope in the future that this bond will grow stronger in the next couple of weeks. We’re having so much fun and we all miss you greatly. I hope that things are going well for you guys back in California, take care!