We started Friday fun day bright and early at 5 am – half of the glimpsers decided to watch the sunrise and others got some exercise in by running a few miles. After breakfast, we left for a beautiful nearby river. On the way there, we all stopped at the store for some snacks and drinks, as well as a few bubble makers. After a short walk, we climbed around the river bed and began exploring the rushing waters. Some chose to bathe in the sun, while others relaxed in the shade of natural pools. Shoutout to Nina for face-painting everyone with dye from the rocks.

Around noon, we headed back to the base house to refuel and continue our fun day activities. We enjoyed a variety of different pizzas, then headed back out to Turrialba for the second time to further explore the city and interact with the locals. Led by our amazing tour guide Memo, we visited a local fruit market, trying a variety of unique fruits and cuisine. Glimpsers had coconut water, rambutan, cajeta de coco, and more, while others bought bracelets from local business at the market. Following that we headed to get ice cream and garnizados, then went to a bakery. While on this visit to the city, Glimpsers noticed how tourism impacts the community by buying from the local businesses.

After returning to Casa Acquires, we enjoyed some delicious pasta dinner by our wonderful chef Diego, then passed the torch to our new LDDs (leaders of the day), Yesenia and Adhvika.