Hello my name is Ma’Khayla and I was leader of the day today. The day consisted of me waking all the Global Glimpsers up at 7 this morning. We arrived at Deja-Vu for breakfast at 8:00 and had eggs with salsa and toast and lemonade. After breakfast we then headed back to the hostel and had a fun energizer called “who is the leader” to get our blood pumping for the day’s activities. We then had our daily seminar on politics by our GG leader, Rachel.  After, we had about 15 minutes to get ready to leave for our first activity, which was the “Museo De Revolucion.” This Museum was a history of Nicaragua and it’s culture and about their dictatorship over the years. While learning the history, we had the privilege to walk on the roof of the museum and take in beautiful views  of church buildings and the town’s life underneath us. After our tour/history lesson we headed back to the hostel and had a little free time to collect ourselves before lunch at Deja-Vu.  After lunch, we had free time for an hour and a half to let our food digest and cool down from today’s events.  At 2:30, we had another energizer to get the blood pumping again and review the other tasks of the day.  By 2:50 we headed out of the hostel to Casa Comunal to hear a speech and ask questions to Saul and Brenda about social and political issues of Nicaragua. After we headed straight to dinner to Deja-Vu where we sat and socialized about the day.  After dinner we headed to the hostel, unwound a bit and got ready for our nightly meeting, where I passed the torch to Bridget for out next day.

Please enjoy the photos below…




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