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Good evening friends and family, today was such an inspirational day. The morning started extremely early because we all had to be up at 5:30 in the morning and because I was leader of the day I was up at 5 so that I can make sure I had everything ready for today. Even though we all had to be up at 5:30 I started waking everyone up at 5:05 with the lights! This was the first and only day we had to wake up this early and the only time we can eat breakfast when you were ready. But mostly everyone was ready so we still ate together. Today’s breakfast consisted of an egg sandwich with lettuce and tomatoes.

At 6:30 we needed to head out so we could be at school early. If you are late to school you will have to clean the whole school. Which none of us wanted to do because it is extremely hot over here. The walk to the school from the hostel was pretty long and even though it was 6:30 it was already hot. The school that we visited today was the school that Carla,our site manger, used to attend. Once we got to the school we were split into different groups that contained some Spanish speakers and some non Spanish speakers. We followed the students around all day long and it was fantastic that we were able to see how they studied and how they learned. They have a pretty good school day. School starts at 7:45 and finished at 12:45. That’s not bad at all! To experience how the students of Nicaragua learn and communicate with each other is great because it was completely different from the states. Math class is 2 hours long and to be honest their math is much harder than the states math. The rest of the classes are 45 minutes long. After, being there for a couple of hours it was time to head back to the hostel for lunch. Carla and Valerie has the car waiting for us. That was the best thing ever because learning and walking around all day was crazy and too much to walk ALL the way back to the hostel. The lunch was amazing. I don’t even have words to explain how good it was. And personally I have not being eating as much because my stomach just couldn’t handle the food but today was a different story. We had some good mash potatoes with fried chicken cutlet and white rice. That was the best thing ever. I wish there were seconds. After, lunch we had free time until 3:30 and most of us took a well deserved nap. I sure did after waking up at 5:00 am. Others planned their lessons for the English tutoring. 3:30 came around and we met as group to gather supplies and ideas from each other.

By 4 pm it was time to head over to English class for their lessons and that alone was 2 hours. 4:30 – 6:30. The first day was hard and nerve wrecking because we did not know what the people knew or what they needed to know because two other Global Glimpse groups were already here and we are the last. But we all came together and we pulled through our first lesson. 6:30 came around and it was time for dinner. At least our dinner spot is literally 2 minutes away from the English classes!!!! We had hamburgers and French fries and that meal was great as well. Dinner was over and we headed back to the hostel but first we stopped at the grocery store to buy snacks. We arrived at the hostel and we had an program seminar and our nightly meeting. Now everyone is getting ready for bed because tomorrow we have an other important impactful day. Well, this was the day we shadowed an high school student and I was the leader of the day. Good night / morning. We all miss our friends and families. I know I’m very home sick and can not wait until Saturday to speak to my family. Please leave your thoughts and comments below!!!