We really bonded with our assigned families.

We really bonded with our assigned families.

Today Glimpsers and their respective leaders began their first reality challenge by traveling to the Llano Grande community, located 30 minutes from the hostel.

During the bus ride, Glimpsers got a chance to discuss their feelings about meeting their families with their group members. Some shared feelings of fear and anxiety while others felt excited and optimistic. At Llano Grande, Glimpsers spent the day with their assigned families. They shared a meal together, played futbol, and even worked with the families. Many students created meaningful relationships with the locals, especially the children, through insightful conversation and fun activities (one of which included a big family reunion and pinata bashing!) On our travels back to the hostel, several of the children ran after the bus because they didn’t want us to leave.

Later in the afternoon, Glimpsers prepared for English tutoring at San Pedro University. They created lesson plans, activities using index cards, and games for their classes. The classes were full of people ranging from young children to adults. After swallowing their fear of failure, Glimpsers interacted with their students by encouraging them to ask questions and speak up.

This was a great first experience for many of the Global Glimpsers, as they will continue to develop their lesson plans and public speaking skills in the next two weeks (Pictures coming soon!).