Hola! Our names are Murphy and Suzy.  We were both chosen as leader of the day for this specific day because it correlates with what we want to do in our futures. I (Murphy) am passionate about working with children and helping them with their struggles. I (Suzy) love to understand why people act and behave the way that they do, and I aspire to one day be a psychologist.

The day started out a little hectic; we were supposed to eat breakfast at 6:30, but due to complications we were unable to make that happen.  Breakfast would be ready at 7:30, so we held an Academic Seminar instead.

IMG_3077The Academic Seminar was about how other countries in the world run their aid and development programs. After the Seminar and breakfast, we packed our things and took taxis to Club Infantil. Club Infantil is similar to the Boys and Girls Clubs in America. The club is full of kids that have endured hardships throughout their lives. The kids in the club want to better themselves, and they want to learn their rights and continue their education in a safe environment. Maritza, the founder of the club, spoke to us about how the club works and her reasons for founding it.  We then took a tour around the club led by the kids themselves.  The club included art, dance, and beauty classes. There was also a room where kids could come and talk about their feelings.



Me (Suzy) and Kaelyn with boys from Club Infantil

After our heartwarming and inspiring visit at Club Infantil, we took a short walk to another club that was directed by Saldrac Espinoza.  Saldrac is a funny, charming, inspirational man that teaches young girls how to defend themselves against thieves, rapists, etc.  He taught us a few punches (jabs, crosses, upper cuts, low-blows, and super punches.) Saldrac taught us several kicks as well.  We were told that after lunch we would be able to come back to the club and the girls that practice at the club would be able to teach us more moves.  I (Suzy) got the privilege of asking Saldrac if he would want to join us for lunch. I asked him “Quieren comer almuerzo con nosotros?” He gladly accepted.


Me (Suzy) and Saldrac Espinoza

After our fabulous meal we walked back to Saldrac’s club and met the girls. Some of them shared their stories, but for the most part they were pretty shy. We spent about an hour punching and kicking these big sacks that were hanging on the walls.  Everyone was participating and we were all having a blast.  It was sad to say goodbye to Saldrac and the girls, but we know that we will see them again.

When we got back to the Hostel, we had about an hour to prepare for our first English class.  After dinner we walked to a local high school and waited for all of our students to arrive. All the Glimpsers had so much fun with their students, and we are all looking forward to teaching the remaining classes.

We ended our day with the Nightly Meeting, and the leadership “torch.” was passed on to two other glimpsers.  Both of us enjoyed being leaders of the day, and we look forward to the rest of our trip.