Today plans got changed, so we had our beach day a little late. 

Hi, my name is Kendall, one of two LDDs (liders del dia/leaders of the day) of the day. I’m Meah, the other LDD of the day. Crazy wakeup call today at 6AM. After the bus ride we got to our new hotel and got accommodated. Afterward, we ate lunch which was really good. Lunch included salad, rice and beans, beef, and vegetable soup. If you didn’t know, we have to make an example plate for ourselves to eat while explaining the meal.

After lunch, some of us got in the pool while waiting on the bus to get us to take us to the beach. The beach was fun. After about an hour or so, we had a snack and left. When we got back to our hotel, most people got into the pool while others went into the shower. The pool is surprisingly really warm, but it makes sense because it is really hot in the area we are staying in. In the pool we were playing Marco Polo but people were cheating and hiding behind each other, NOT ME (Kendall), LYING (Meah). I won because I got tagged the least amount of times and was the quickest to tag people, #GOAT (more like sheep). 

After about an hour of the pool, our PC (Program Coordinator) had us take a quick survey and get ready to watch our documentary about Sugarcane history in the DR involving Haitians. After the documentary, we prepared the table for dinner. Dinner was the pasta of your choice, meat marinara sauce, regular marinara sauce, or alfredo. PLUS french fries. Weird combo, I know, but it was still good. Once dinner was over, we had a tiny break while everybody finished cleaning up. At about 8:45, we had our nightly meeting where we passed over the torch to Jonathan (BIG JONO, #BBL) who will be posting tomorrow. The rest of the night was spent in the pool till 11:00PM. Overall, great day. Even though I had a REAL (fake) headache, I think Meah and I worked really well together (Meah agrees). 


¡Hasta luego!!! – Meah & Kendall