Today was full of many long-lasting memories that one will never be able to recreate again in their life. Ren-Kuan and myself were faced with a full day taking out the other students on a hike to this vastly rich mountain filled with trees, plants, flowers, animals, and a mesmerizing creek. This mountain holds deep cultural significance to the people here in Costa Rica being a key to their ties with coffee, being a spot in their world where their recognition is being placed (ps. You get to try coffee beans and pick them yourself). Today we also had the opportunity to be able to hear from an informational speaker iterating & demonstrating their commitment to keeping the world a better place practicing safe farming techniques and animal husbandry. The way she explained to us the different techniques practiced to raise her livestock using clean and efficient methods, letting us pet & even milk one of the cows. This part of the day was full of competition amongst the students each wanting to get a chance at all the different tasks today wanting to be the first to try their hand at all the new and exciting things that Costa Rica is full of.

I’m grateful for our group members’ positive attitude despite some sickness. Being the Leader of the Day, I learned the power of capturing group members’ attention through the technique of me and Aldo calling “Global” and the other group members called “Glimpse”-  it’s how we get everyone together and connected so we can announce information. I’m grateful for the GGL and PC effort to try to make our experience great.

This is something that truly would only happen once in a lifetime and we wouldn’t trade anything for it.