YET ANOTHER GREAT DAY IN RIOBAMBA, anyone surprised??! Good day to our families and friends back at home!

Today was a very interesting and educational day for the Glimpsers. We started this day off by waking up nice and early to head to Roma Santa’s around 8:30 for a nice hearty breakfast to get our energy ready for the day. After everyone was nice and full, we loaded on the bus to head to a local shoes business named Calzados Arevalo. The business owner, Dora, allowed Glimpsers to get a peak inside her world, what she does every day for a living, and how she puts money on the table for her family. Inside the shoe business we were shown how men’s dress shoes were made and the many steps it takes to get to the perfect shoes to sell. In addition to the process being shown, Glimpsers had the opportunity to buy shoes!

After seeing the process of shoes making glimpsers went to enjoy an off-site meal at Nativa. We enjoyed some AMAZING, GREAT, WONDERFUL BBQ ribs and potatoes (The closest American meal we had in a hot minute and I for one enjoyed it- don’t get me wrong, Roma Santa’s food is A1 steak sauce but its always nice to get a little taste of what I would get at home). After everyone was nice and full once again we headed back to the hotel for a nice self-reflection and brainstorming on what we could present to the principal and psychologist of the school we will be executing our Community Action Project (CAP) .

Once it was time to present some of our ideas to the principal of the school, Glimpsers got dressed and ready to pitch their great ideas! (Welll…..we thought they were great until about each one of them got altered their way! BUT not to worry, right after they left, we went right back to the drawing board and included the ideas and suggestions they had in mind). Although some of our ideas were adjusted, we enjoyed being able to discuss what would be helpful to the school and not what we thought would be helpful. We learned that what schools in America need differs from what students may need here in Ecuador. It was super helpful that the constructive criticism was given so that us glimpsers can actually contribute to the school in a sustainable way!

Great progress was made during our meeting which worked up an appetite for us (I know it worked one up for me). We headed down to Roma Santa’s to enjoy yet another great meal. Shrimp with rice and broccoli was served with some delicious tea! Dinner is always my favorite meal, it’s when all the glimpsers have the most energy and the time we have is great!  After our meal we did some dancing and singing (Shout out to Jleigh for being a great dance partner lol).

Dinner is over and we head back to the hotel to have our nightly meeting and pass the torch ceremony (When the leader of the day passes their role to a different person or people). That leads us here! It’s 9:48 I’m writing this blog and fulfilling my duty of leader of the day.

HEYYYYY MOM AND DAD it’s Jadah! I’m doing great! I’m not going to write much here because free day is tomorrow and I will be able to call. Tell everyone hello for me bye!!