Entrepreneurship, organic blackberries, and handmade shoes, oh my!

(A reminder for those who enjoy a taste of international humor: please read the following aloud in a British accent!) Today on June 10th, the Leader of the Day was me, Phrank Losee-Unger! Our group had yet another early morning when we woke up at 6:30 and had another delicious breakfast at La Primavera. After that, we discussed global and small businesses, sustainable consumerism, and how we impact our local economies as individuals. To further investigate the importance of small businesses in Ecuador, we visited Calzado Arevalo, a small shoe factory that´s been in business for the past 45 years! We saw a step-by-step process of how their beautifully classic shoes were made, led by the factory´s manager, Dora Avalos. She then showed us her garden and gave us fresh organic blackberries she had grown herself. See the photos below for reference! Several students also bought a pair of shoes from the Zapateria (Español for Shoe Factory) for themselves and their families.

We returned to La Primavera for a delicious Kebab lunch and then prepared for the director of Escuela 9 de Octubre, Jose Sanchez, to hear our presentations to improve his school. It went very well, and students are now much more prepared to buy materials and begin construction on the garden and playground of the school.

We had some much deserved free time and rest, had some delicious dinner, a self-reflection, and our nightly meeting. And here we are now!

Tomorrow is Fun Day, which will be led by Chris. Chris is very chill and funny and will be a great leader! Remember to look out for his post tomorrow.

Big love to all of the staff at La Primavera, our stay so far has been more than wonderful! And also to all the Global Glimpse staff for inspiring us all to be present and future leaders.

To my family: All is well and I now have many recipes to bring home from our stay in Riobamba. Get excited!

Greta: I´m SO sorry I forgot your sheriff pin. I have it in my heart instead! I´ve been making up for that by being an amazing God in our mafia games. I love you all, and on Sunday I will be getting many souvenirs and sweets to bring home.:)