Hey guys, welcome back to the blog! Its Gabe and Yuli! Today, we were the Student Leaders of the day, it was fun and exciting because it was us in charge!!!

Today, we had the pleasure of learning about the immigration policies of the Dominican Republic. On the way to go see our guest speaker for these policies, we had a quick coconut break! The juices were fresh and delicious! Then we got back on the road to go see a guest speaker named Julie, who told us about the immigration policies. After our talk with the guest speaker, we drove a while more to go visit the sugar cane plantations. We had the pleasure of EATING RAW SUGAR!!! While eating, I accidentally swallowed the cane, when I was supposed to spit it out lol (Gabe) Fun fact: as soon as we arrived at the hotel, everyone went crazy and ran to their rooms to change into swimsuits to jump in the pool and swim. Gabe and I, along with Angel and Rubi, had a chicken fight in the water. They won:( (It’s okay I jumped Angel and got revenge, hehe-Yuli) Also we got PIZZA too, it was fire!!!! After that everyone had a fun time enjoying the commodities that the hotel had to offer. Whether it be from relaxing on the green grass to playing in the water, everyone had a good and fun time! Check-in tomorrow for new updates!!! MUCH LOVE!


Hey, mom it’s me, Angel, I miss you so much I love all of you guys tell monse I miss her I’m having fun even with this heat!! – Angel Torres

Miss you guys! – Angelo

Mama, Papa, Scooter, Mango, I miss you all so much, I can’t wait to get back to the city to see you guys, that being said, this is fr such a fun time, and I’m so happy I signed up for this, I really am having a good time. Mom, I know ur the one who gonna be reading this, tell papa to be careful while climbing those mountains:) -Gabriel Chapital de Renty

Ask Liam and Rocco what is going on in Tarkov and comment on it!-Aiden(fr)

Hi mommy, I love you, me la estoy pasando muy bien, y estoy muy feliz – Yuli 🙂

How is everything, I have been having lots of fun, and I will try calling you when we have time to call again, so if you receive a random call answer it

because it might be me. I’m loving the cards and I cant wait to see you ciao!!!