Hey everyone,

Today Jadyn and I (Enia) were the leaders of the day!

Jadyn is typing now! So this morning the group and I had a genuinely good breakfast; pancakes, mango, pineapple, scrambled eggs, did I mention mangos?? But that wasn’t even the best part, we actually had our breakfast with the people who help make Global Glimpse, Global Glimpse! Cool sponsors from Snapchat, United Airlines and even AWAY (the random suitcase we all got that one day 🤣). We talked with the sponsors we were assigned and got to know them all better and made our way to the community for the day. At the community we were all split up into our homes where we met and spoke with all the different families.

Back to Enia<3

Okay I would just like to clarify being leader of the day was no easy task, but the people we met made it better than expected. The point of visiting these phenomenal people and entering their community is to learn about them, their lives, and their culture in addition of building bonds none of us could’ve expected. While there was a baseball game after a large and satisfying group lunch with the members of the community, I went hiking with some great friends as well as the humorous Corlin. Once we reached the top of the hike we were welcomed with open arms from the kindest family and people I’ve ever encountered beginning from the generous offer of several mangos from their tree, free hugs, and playful children. I couldn’t have been more happy to meet them and get a raw experience of this trip. Also, I have to add this! I PEED IN A BOWL. I liked it don’t worry. I’m not going to explain why, but just know it was great.

Jadyn again 🤨

Like what Enia was saying, being leader of the day, especially this one, was a lot. All in all it was a really good experience and I’m proud of Enia and I for pushing through this very busy and fun day. As Enia was saying half of the group took a little hike up the hill while the other half stood and played a game of base/softball with the locals in the community (I hit 75 home runs btw). The game was so fun and I loved how the locals were so welcoming and understanding when some of the other group members were clearly new to the game. I’m sorry if my parts of the blog aren’t as detailed I was just really out of it this day due to missing home and things along those lines. Hey mom, Hey Ryan 😁 Anyway, I really needed to take a moment to myself throughout the day and I love how the group was so understanding of that <3 The day was beautiful and amazing though don’t get me wrong…

Back to Enia!

We gotta go have a dance party, but I love and miss you: mom, Magnus, Jeremiah, Arben, Ori, and Tess see y’all soon.

And Jadyn here too – As well as my mom and my Ryan 😁