Hello friends, family, and loved ones. Today’s theme was living like a local. In order to embrace this theme, Glimpsers were encouraged to sleep without electricity and take bucket showers. Many Glimpsers found this incredibly challenging. However, most Nicaraguans do this daily. We started our day off with a bucket shower and a walk to breakfast where we ate rice and beans. This dish is very common among locals despite their class differences.

After breakfast, we took a trip to an impoverished town referred to as Las Prusias. Here, students were able to live with a family for the day and experience what it’s like to live in poverty firsthand. We played games with the children, explored the land, and helped with household chores.

Next, we went to see the school in the area. This school was built by the locals with the help of non-profit organizations and Japan. This school severely lacks resources and infrastructure. It was heartbreaking to see the conditions in which these students learned and played. However, the founders of this school were full of pride and hope. This experience was very eye opening and inspiring. It will also help us appreciate what we have so much more when we return home.

We Glimpsers will be completing our Community action project at this school, which is meant to give back to the community. For example, we students want to: create a playground, designate areas for sports, add to their kitchen, donate supplies, and make the school a more positive place in general. We have a couple of hundred dollars raised, but it simply is not enough to make this place a better environment.

By 4:00 pm we were heading to English tutoring once again. This is starting to become one of our favorite activities. After this, we walked to dinner and had rice and beans once again.

Now it’s time for bed! Goodnight everybody!

P. S. I love you mom, Karla, Hovi, and Roberto. You are all greatly missed.  -Karelys

P.S.  I wanted to say I love you Ma, Dad, Tiff, Krystal, and Mali. I miss you guys so much and truly miss you guys.  -Destiny