animales de isiqui




habtesh wiping away the tears of this little boy…awwww


sheila and beth with their family in isiqui


skarleth and senora


joclyn hard at work doing laundry


margeaux and heyssel


bus ride back to esteli…


1st day of classes…

michelle, joclyn, and miriam


mychelle and naomi


ido, mychelle, and ella


gisselle, melanie, and katia


margeaux, victor, and lizeth


michelle and joclyn


still smiling even though their students didnt make it to class….

beth, aillene, margeaux, beth, lucy, lizeth, victor, sheila, and najma


Appreciation comes from seeing what you have from another perspective. You either reflect on what you have currently or what you’ve always had. Today, we had the amazing opportunity of visiting Comunidad Isiqui which is a very humble and graceful community full of loving and accepting people. We got to spend the morning with a family there and walk a few steps in their lifestyle. It was an incredible opportunity which left us full of appreciation and clarity towards the things that we want and the things that we actually need to survive and eventually be happy. They are the vivid example of what humble means and happiness really is. Later on, we went more in depth with our CAP Project and from what i am seeing… it will be amazing because this group is full of passion and compassion as well as flexibility and determination. We prioritized our ideas for the project and got separated into groups based on our interest, skills and strengths. Also, we did a mini project about culture exchange, or at least tried to do something about it. Dinner came around and it was amazing as usual. We got ready HELLA fast because it was our first day as a “teacher”.  English tutoring started at 6:oo pm and we all looked like hot teachers. Sadly, some of us didn’t get to teach anything because of a misunderstanding with the last delegation so most of the students thought class starts Wednesday. That leaves the nightly meeting which as usual is basically handing the Leader del Dia responsibilities to the next person and giving loving shout outs to each other for something we did throughout the day. To end this, we learned the meaning of humble today and got closer by the minute. Also, to all of you reading this, we have a family here we will never forget.