Hello Family and Friends,

Hope everything is going well back home. We can’t wait to call you and tell you all about out time in Nicaragua.

Today was poverty day, one of the most challenging and impactful days for us. We started off with an early morning wake up call and had a pancake with eggs and a banana breakfast. We then discussed one of the main issues Nicuraguans face, which is poverty. Around 1-3 million Nicuraguans live on less than $1 a day. While about 1.3 billion of the worlds population lives on less then $2 a day.

After our academic seminar we took a field trip to the Granada dump, a space ordained by the Nicaraguan Government, and experienced the conditions workers have to overcome in order to provide for their families. With the help of a local church we were able to contribute food and water to the workers who don’t usually get to have meal. This was a very eye opening experience to see people rush for food. Many times we take advantage of our blessings, big or little. However, these people spend their lives looking through garbage to find things that they can profit from. image


For example. Glass, plastic bottles, and other items they can sell. One story we heard was from a worker that said “He has family that he can rely on for support but he chooses to be an independent and work for his money”

We spent about two hours at the dump then headed back to the hostel to reflect on our experiences. During this time time we shared how we felt and got to listen to the different stories shared by our peers. Many of us experience similar hardships while coming from different backgrounds. It was important to step back and acknowledge that even through we may not share the same skin color or the same culture we all experience hardship and it’s important to take into consideration.

The best part of our trip was discussing our CAP project ideas and how we will be able to make a difference at a rural, impoverished school. I’m excited to share this transformation and journey of this well deserving school.

The day finished off with us heading to school to teach English and having dinner at John Carlos, currently it was 10:43pm and we are all heading off to bed to refresh for another amazing day here in Granada,Nicurragua.