Today is the EIGHTH DAY of this trip which means it has been over a week since we left for the Dominican Republic. Today is also our first day of  CAP (Community Action Project) project at Colonia Kennedy, and we were super excited to get started on it. We woke up early to get ready to wake everyone up. At 6:50, we woke up all the adults since they needed to get everything for breakfast set up. About ten minutes later, we started to wake up all the students, so they had about an hour to get ready before breakfast started. Before breakfast, we decided to host charades with five different groups, whichever team had the most points got breakfast first.

After breakfast, we left for the CAP site. We went to the community center to drop off our stuff first as well as move the plant and painting supplies to the park. During our work time, some of us were re-painting an old chess board, while others were painting the wall that goes around the park, and some removed and re-planted. During the time in which we were working, the locals were helping out. There were many children interested in both planting and painting. After our first three hours of working in the park, we took a lunch break as well as played a game called “Slackjack Dance Off,” in which once you are divided into a pair, you dance off with your partner face to face while trying not to smile, and if you do, you are out. This continues until there are only 2 people left and one person will emerge victorious. In our case, our last two people were Vineet and Isaiah. It was declared a tie and we started to head back to the park to continue working. For the next two hours, we continued working with the locals. Around the middle of working though, Andrew accidentally spilt blue paint over his white shoes (sorry to his parents). There were many children who were fond of Corlin, and despite the language barrier, they were able to communicate using gestures and a few Spanish phrases.

After two hours, we returned to the hotel, in which most people who were covered with paint decided to take showers. Once we all grouped together again, we began writing our appreciation letters. They’re written to those who decide to donate money in order to help those in Global Glimpse continue to travel. After most of us had ours written, we had dinner.

After dinner, we had our nightly meeting. After discussing our roses and thorns, as well as our plus’ and wishes, we passed the torch. We passed it to Anahit and Gianna, who did an amazing duet to a song from Moana. Once the torch was passed we did big love and then our unity clap. For our unity clap the phrase we used was “azul zapatos” (sorry again to Andrews parents).

That was the end of our day, it went well :))

Jalen & Karter

GGL UPDATE: The night ended with a dance party until Lights Out.