I’m Jacob and today was my day to be the leader of the day. More importantly, it was Jarely’s birthday today!!!!! ¡Feliz cumpleaños J.J.! We’re in the process of celebrating as I write this. So, congratulations to her for turning 18. Today was our first day working as a team on our CAP (Community Action Project) and as one of the workers, I feel so honored to write about all the progress we have made today. We woke up at 7 today and began our day with delicious quesadillas and soon moved on to discussing our CAP and summarizing the work from past delegations. Our current CAP is constructing facilities that allow the school to utilize fundraising in a more effective way. I’m sure everyone can agree that construction work is hard, but it was very fulfilling to see so much cooperation and productivity for a cause that means so much to so many people.

Today we got to call our parents since we arrived here in Aquiares, and everyone was so ecstatic to talk to their loved ones after so many days of independence under the leadership of each other. Everyone has had so much fun and hopefully our parents are too, with all the space they have now! We love and miss all of our friends and family so much and I’m sure you can’t wait to hear more about all the memorable moments I have made in only 7 days! I can’t wait to tell you more when I get home, but while I wait, I hope my mom makes sure my friends all read this. ¡Pura Vida y tengan un buen día!