We (Natalie and J.C.) woke everyone up with a pleasant wake-up call including the date (Sunday, July 31), time (7:30 am), and weather status (rainy). To begin the day, we enjoyed a nutritious breakfast of ham and bean quesadillas, eggs, yogurt, granola, cereal, fruit, and juice; which fueled us for a discussion on Environmental Justice. The videos, slideshow, and documentary that we watched sparked our conversations on how to develop a positive relationship between humans, the environment, and animals while preserving the planet. We listened to each other’s thoughts regarding the environment and realizations on how many natural resources we take advantage of daily. After chicken, rice, beans, fried plantations, and salad for lunch, we continued our analysis on environmental justice with a guest speaker, Fofo! Fofo divided our group into 3 smaller groups, each group representing workers from a 5-star luxury hotel, locals, and the government and we prepared to debate whether or not the hotel should be built in local communities by taking into consideration the effects the hotel has on the environment. After our debate, we realized how important it is to preserve the planet and how injustices are created.

During free time, the group was able to make phone calls home for a time span of 15 minutes, which resulted in not only happiness but also some homesick emotions. However, the phone calls reminded us how important our loved ones are to us and reminded us to enjoy these moments with our fellow glimpsers, who are like new family members to us.

After some card games, dinner was a delicious plate of nachos, served with pork, pico de gallo, beans, lettuce, ketchup, mayo, and cheese.

Some glimpsers took a night swim, accompanied by music and a beach ball.

During the nightly meeting, the group reflected on the meaningful discussions that took place that day, and the torch was passed on from Natalie and J.C. to Elizabeth and David.

Message to our Parents from the LDD:

I love you, and I can not wait to tell you all about the things I’ve seen and learned here, see you soon.    – Juan Carlos Yboa

All our adventures here have been so much fun and the food has been so delicious, but I miss and love you all and want to wish the happiest birthday to my brother, Jacob, and dog Cosmo!                                   – Natalie Gaylord