After a week on this trip, we each took on the role of Líder Del Día (Leader of the Day). We challenged ourselves to be proactive about group activities, to be more inclusive, and to make sure everyone had a fantastic day at the beach. We collected sea shells, interacted with local vendors, and had an intense water-relay race. After reflecting on our long but fun-filled day, a couple things caught our attention. We were amazed to see our group’s ability to collaborate as team of diverse backgrounds and create authentic bonding experiences. Our proudest moment of the day was when multiple group members were open and shared their stories. We were excited to see our group bond continue to evolve in new ways. After the beach, we had lunch back at Vía Del Ray, and we finally embarked on our very long journey back to La Salle. When we arrived, we had dinner as well as a very captivating nightly meeting where numerous voices shared their thoughts and vulnerability. To top things off, we sat on the balcony, shared funny stories, and bonded. Ultimately, today was a chance for all group members to take a brief step back, be present, and have fun. From what we observed, today was a success.