Our Fun Day….was definitely FUN! We slept in an extra hour which was great. Once we woke up, we ate a very delicious breakfast with fresh fruit juice and a delicious cup of hot coffee from a local coffee plantation. We then gathered our necessities to go on a thirty-minute hike to the beautiful Catarata River which included a natural waterfall. Once we arrived, we left our personal belongings near the rocks and we all decided to go for a swim together. The breeze connected us to nature and reminded us what paradise felt like in Costa Rica! The water was very cold which led some of us to go back to our personal belongings where we had a picnic, while others swam, and some played UNO. Although we all had a very good time, some of us unfortunately lost our Crocs and sandals. Eventually we decided to go back to our Lodge where we got time to do fun activities like Taboo.

Once we got to the Lodge, we swam in the pool, played card games, danced in the rain and got the chance to communicate with our parents for ten minutes. We got to play and hang out with each other until dinner was ready. We had a delicious lentil soup, a side of rice, salad, and freshly made fruit juice made from the fruits of the land. After finishing dinner, we had our nightly meeting as we do every night. The leaders for the night were Nadia and Zahirah. They gave a summary of the day with some questions and quotes of the day. As usual, they showed us their talent which was a rap song they created about Flip Flops featuring DJ Wade on the beat, Sawizzle as the song writer, and can’t forget about the producer, Lauren boogie. Lastly, we passed on the leadership torch to Sawi AKA, Sawizzle, to lead tomorrow’s adventure! Overall, today was a really fun day that we all enjoyed :).