Fun day entailed a late wake up time with a unique experience of having a pajama day and the Aquiares Hostel engulfed in a cloud! Breakfast was a traditional meal of Gallo Pinto—which is rice and beans–eggs, fruit, and juice.

After breakfast a river walk was scheduled and everyone was able to venture into the clear waters and make some fun memories together. After venturing into the river a few students collected rocks as souvenirs to remind them of the wonderful hike. We enjoyed the water so much that after the hike we ventured into the hostel’s pool.

During the afternoon we took some time to relax until our pizza lunch arrived. After a delicious lunch some of the students opted to take a bus to Turrialba for a city adventure. We explored a Costa Rican farmers market, supermarket, and yarn store and took a moment to enjoy ice cream from a local ice cream shop.

After the trip to the city we arrived back in Aquiares for our first calls home. Once our calls home concluded we ventured into town to go to the convenience store and to play soccer with the local kids. Despite the rain we had a great time and returned in time for dinner at 7 pm. We once again had a delicious traditional meal that consisted of rice mixed with veggies and chicken, refried beans and a salad. After every meal it is the responsibility of the LDD (Leaders Del Día) to wash the dishes. Today while washing them, we had a helper; a local stray cat came to the flower box directly above the sink to wash the dishes with us.

After dinner we gathered to watch a movie with popcorn and ice cream. We chose to watch the thriller horror movie Hereditary. By the end of the movie it was time for lights out. We had a wonderful Fun Day and were thrilled to call our families.

P.S. We will get to call you all on Thursday night again!