It’s official, we’ve completed 1 whole week of our trip! Today students woke up at 7:00 AM and got ready to eat breakfast. We all hurriedly ate breakfast to get out of the beach house as soon as possible, as right after we were going to the beach. We walked to the beach as it was only a close 10-minute walk away. Once at the beach, the students spent 2 hours, relaxing, swimming, and even buying coconuts or bracelets from the local vendors at the beach. The scenery was amazing and the students took many pictures to remember the moment. After this, the students walked back to the beach house where they freshened up and then ate lunch. Next, they all got their belongings that had been packed beforehand and got on the bus for our 4-hour-long road trip back to the ranch! Don’t worry, we did make a stop coming back where students even got to buy more souvenirs. Once we arrived at the ranch, we completed a digital trip evaluation. This was a simple survey that students completed where they could give their opinions and feedback. Once done with that, students ate dinner which was followed by the nightly meeting!

(Te extrano mucho mami! – Suusana Reyes Martinez)