Today, we woke up early morning around 6:00 am, and walked to the beach right after breakfast. While at the beach, we went swimming in the ocean, and some played soccer (Yuli, me (Rubi), and Angel). Additionally, others relaxed in the hot sun getting a tan. Don’t worry, we are all staying hydrated and applying sunblock! We were at the beach for about three hours, then we were transported back to the house to shower and have lunch. After lunch, we embarked on our journey back to the original hotel we’d been staying at. After a long ride, we finally made it! -Rubi Santacruz

We arrived back at Jarabacoa around 5:30 pm and got ready to start our CAP (community action project) seminar that I (Jennifer) helped lead by taking notes and coordinating groups for project tasks. For our CAP, we are partnering with Plan Yaque to help build a sustainable wastewater system for the Dominican Republic communities. We also will help out with building a green wall in front of a school and work with children from the school to paint trash cans to put around the community. In our seminar, we brainstormed ideas including building an overhead panel along the green wall to provide shade, doing a beautification of the areas with heaps of trash piled along with the surrounding lands and sewage areas, sustainable gardening, and designing a plant system. The goal of our CAP is to get the Dominican Republic community involved so that the impact of our work can continue to strive after we leave. We learned the Best Test Formula where we learned to make sure our project follows Feasibility, Need, Personal Passion, and Community Engagement. I’m super stoked to get started on this project next Wednesday, and we hope to update you on our projects next week. -Jennifer Sheng

Signing off,

LDD (Jennifer S. and Rubi)