Usually, our day starts by waking up at around 7-8am. However, today we had to wake up at 6:00am in the morning which hasn’t been a routine for us since school ended. Even though we were tired, we somehow got out of bed, and made it to Roma Santa for breakfast. This morning, we had scrambled eggs, empanadas, and a variety of fruit which was all very delicious. Afterwards we made it on the bus to Chimborazo. This was an hour long drive through the mountains and valleys (lots of llamas).

Our first destination was the Simón Bolívar monument at about 15 thousand feet above sea level. All of us up there experienced the brisk gush of wind that hit us as we stepped out of the buses. Unfortunately, the altitude really got to a few of the Glimpsers and some were unable to partake on the next activity.  Luckily though, Emily was with us – she’s a registered nurse originally from Michigan and stayed with anyone who wasn’t feeling well.

The next activity was a hike that took place around the base of the Chimborazo Volcano. The view was breathtaking and utterly spectacular as some of us gasped with awe at the volcano. Many of us were excited and took pictures to remember this once in a life time experience. It was an hour long hike that had some of us exhausted and sometimes slightly frightened. Towards the end of the hike, we were warned about a march of bulls approaching us. Our tour guides let us know way in advance, they had us in a super safe place on the side of the hill, and they made sure all was clear before we continued. We also had Jerry from Global Glimpse and Don Victor our driver watching us as well to make sure everything went smoothly – and it did!  As they sped past us, it was quite a sight to see. Overall, we were all determined to complete this hike and make the most of it. To wrap up our day, we had some time to relax and we ended the day with a fantastic meal of tacos.

Shout out to our parents and friends who were previously on the same trip! We love you!