HELLO Glimpers, friends, and families! Today was the most powerful day, and one of the most emotional days.

      We started our day at 7 am, and had a wonderful time waking up the other glimpsers! We ate breakfast then walked to where we met and spoke to a Venezuelan family about their reasons for moving to the DR, and their life here, as well as in Venezuela. We made arepas with cheese, a traditional dish from Venezuela. We came back for lunch and then watched a documentary about the life of a Haitian immigrant before we went to the Haitian community.  At the community, we split in to groups and spoke to individuals/families. We came back, ate dinner, and celebrated Felix, one of our program coordinator’s birthday. After we had our usual self-reflection (although today we were in one big group) then the nightly meeting.  

     Today we were told by the GGL’s that we did a good job leading, and got nothing but good feedback from the other glimpsers.  We projected our voices and kept the group together!  We could have been a little more on top of the sass, but it’s ok. We have grown a lot from today’s experience as leaders, as well as meeting the immigrants. Tomorrow the LDDs will be Jaqui and Elizabeth, they are excited to lead on Adventure Day!  

Sofia: For me so far, this trip has been amazing, I have learned so much, and today I got to use French with the Haitians, whereas the Dominicans only speak Spanish, so that was really great for me.  The most challenging thing is probably the language barrier for me.  I’m excited to start the CAP so we can help out the Rio Grande community, and continuing to bond with the other glimpsers.

Jasmin: For me so far I have experienced amazing things. The most challenging thing for me, I think, is the home sickness but after I leave I am going to miss it because we have all became so close. Just like Sofia, I have learned so much and now have a different way of seeing things. Today for me was the most emotional day seeing how hard other peoples lives are just because they have a darker skin tone.  I am also exited to go back to Rio Grande and start the CAP and spend more time with the Rio Grande kids and families.

Overall this trip has been affecting everyone positively and we are all getting more emotional about the situations we witness. We are all enjoying each other and becoming a lot closer.  Get ready to hear about our adventure tomorrow! Miss you all a ton!

Love, Sophia and Jasmin