Hey families!! You all are missed, some more than others. I want to let you all know that we’re thriving and are having so much fun here in the Dominican Republic. My name is Jonathan. For day 7 I got the opportunity to be the leader of the day for our lesson being focused around immigration in the DR. Shout out to Tomas for waking me up at 6am. The boys already know I take forever to get ready in the morning. Not being a very patient person, I can say that today I am proud of myself for staying composed even though the majority of the questions I was being asked I couldn’t answer at all. Today we got to visit some locals who live in a sugar cane field and listen to heart-touching stories. Leaving the fields today was truly a humbling experience. Our talks about the privilege we have is a lesson I hope all of us take back home. We got to try fresh sugar cane which was super sweet. 

Being an alumni for Global Glimpse I can say we have a special group. The connections we’re making are getting stronger day by day. Our nightly meeting went long because of the amount of shout outs we were giving out due to the amazing day we had, so we’re cutting the blog short. I’m not trying to keep Ms. De Leon up, plus I’m trying to take a shower for all this bug spray. 

Buenas noches!