Poverty in many minds means variety of things. We learned to appreciate it and understand why it happens to so many. To understand, we need to see what they see. To do that, we went on a field trip today to meet up with Dona Francisca, one of the many dumpster workers. We asked her questions like, How long have you worked in the dumpster? Or, Why did you start working in the dumpsters instead of the factories, such as the tobacco factories? Her response to the first was that, she has been woking in the dumpster of Esteli for 20 years.  Francisca said she had worked at the tobacco factory but found that it was to demanding, and paid very little. Working in the dumpsters allowed her be in control of herself, work whenever she wants to, and if she decided to not work for a day it was her decision not someone else’s. We then came back to the Hostel and had a self reflection on how we viewed poverty and discussed how we can make better decisions based on todays experiences. To get a better understanding about why poverty exist in Nicaragua, I would highly recommend watching the documentary “Dreaming Nicaragua”. It focuses on poverty in Esteli and gives a very personal view of what we observed today. Our day had a happy ending as we were able to celebrate the birthday of another Glimpser, Sheila, yesterday’s El lider del dia.