Whats up to all the families back home!

Today was one of the most impactful days we’ve had so far we all had are own realizations, humbling moments and awareness towards all are privileges back home. We started our day by waking up at 6:30 am, early bird does get the worm right!! We then made our way over to the delicious Buffet Esteli and enjoyed a meal prepared with love. After that we had an educating talk with our GG leaders and insightful buddies. Then we boarded the bus to go to the city dump we had a little bump in the road and unfortunately that bump broke our bus and we were stuck for about 30 minutes in the sun, in a overheated vehicle. However we pushed through buy telling jokes and singing Taylor Swift songs and soon enough we were blessed with another bus. When we arrived we met with the humble, most resourceful women named Dona Francisca who has lived in the city dump for 42 years and comes from a family of 25, she welcomed us like we were her other 25 distant family members. The group asked insightful question, and Dona Francisca answered in a way that moved everyone. After the talk we had with her, we walked up to the city dump, instead just of hearing about people who live in poverty, we viewed it for the first time ourselves today. This experience effected everyone in different ways and everyone took the time to process in the best ways they knew how. One thing that really stood out was the support everyone gave one another. Some needed others to ask them in order to feel open  to talking and others gave or just needed hugs and some were simply just there as a figure of support. Overall we all learned something about ourselves and something shifted with ourselves.

Love Angie !!!


Miss you mommy I love you cant wait to see you!!


Thank you Marvin for all the wonderful sport updates makes home feel a little closer!