Hello everyone, this is Julia, el lider del dia reporting to y’all straight from Esteli Nicaragua. Today was our Reality Challenge: Living Like a Local Day, and it definitely was a challenge. What the challenge part of that means is that we all showered using a bucket and a cup, were prohibited from snacking, and ate smaller and simpler meals to experience some things that the locals do.

I woke everyone up bright and early at six to eat a breakfast of Gallo Pinto (rice and beans) and bread. Promptly after eating and dousing ourselves with sunscreen and bug spray, we boarded the bus to the community of Isiqui at 7:30. The drive was beautiful, as always. We drove thirty minutes through the verdant mountains of Nicaragua to arrive at our destination. After debarking the bus, we were split into different households each with our own host mom.

Over the course of the next four hours, we helped our moms with chores around the house. My host was named Flora and we packaged and helped her sell plantain chips. Other groups made tortillas, hand washed clothing, and swept. Each group had an amazing time getting to know their host. Through my conversation with Flora, I felt a wonderful and pure love emanated to us and to all that she met. She opened her home and her heart to us and I will definitely be taking back her lessons of kindness to others and joy for life back to the states.

At noon we all joined up back at the house of the community leader, Vermaline. We had rice and meat with peas and carrots to eat. To drink, we had tamarindo juice with chia. After eating we headed back to Esteli and had a meeting discussing the status of our fellow glimpser Rega who has been incapacitated for a few days due to injury. Unfortunately, she had to fly home. She was much appreciated as a part of our group and will be greatly missed. She was able to spend one last seminar, discussing our community action project, and a dinner consisting of beans and tortillas. As a parting gift we made and signed a card for her and picked up a cake from the local supermarket.

Quickly thereafter we went to teach our English students. Upon arrival back to the hotel we transitioned to our nightly meeting discussing highs and lows of the day. We also had a great discussion involving our question of the day: How can I change my situation if I currently live on one dollar a day? I then I passed the torch to Angela who will write the blog tomorrow for our much needed free day.

Well that was today. I’m signing off for tonight. Buenos noches! #RegaStrong


Carrying Firewood


Eating at the community leader’s house


Sitting in front of a house


E 1 C – We Remain #RegaStrong! Love U Rega