Hola familias, amigos, y otros Glimpsers!

Today was Adventure Day! The day started at 6:00 am, bright and early. We started our day off with a four hour hike at El Arroyazo here in Constanza. This hike consisted of lots of complaining and teamwork. It was four hours of warm weather, beautiful scenery, and lots of steep slippery hills. At the end of the hike was a breathtaking waterfall, which everyone was excited about and jumped into. We swam for about an hour and had an amazing lunch. After lunch, we took a vote and decided that instead of swimming again, we want to go see El Divino Nino, a monument at the top of the mountain not to far away from our hotel. At the monument, we were given the privilege to listen to Antonio Camillo, the builder of the monument. He told us the story of how and why he built the monument. From the top of the mountain, we could see all of Constanza. It was an amazing sight. One we will definitely remember for a long time.

Leader Del Dia, is a very task filled job. I got the opportunity to fulfill that job today. I think I did well in co-partnering and stepping up and stepping back. I also did well in the morning tasks we are given like, waking up the group for example. I think I could work on being more present during the day. It was definitely a challenge being the LDD but through my partner, we got the job done! Happy Birthday Mom! I hope you had an amazing day! I miss you so much! I love you! <3 -Elizabeth 

It was such a different yet exciting experience being Leader Del Dia, especially on such an adventurous and fun day. I got to experience what it was like to lead a group for a whole day with one of my very best friends. We were able to collaborate very productively together to get the job done, and lead our group on such a fun and memorable experience. I have learned so much about how tourism affects a city in positive and negative ways. -Jaqueline

Our next Leaders Del Dia are Maurice and Reetu!

This trip has been a life changing experience. It has opened our eyes, in realizing that we live very privileged lives. We have enjoyed the challenges and adventures this trip brings. It is a great experience meeting new people and being introduced to a new culture. We are looking forward to our final project and the final memories we will make on this trip.

Thank you & See everyone soon!