Hello everyone!!!

It’s Vanessa and Remi ❤️! Today was pretty hectic but such an amazing day! We were in charge of CAP (Community Action Project) day – Vanessa woke up at 6 am and Remi woke up at 6:3am  (Vanessa takes longer 👩🏻‍🦯). We woke everyone else at 7 a.m. and did little check-ins before breakfast to make sure we were early (we were still late). We headed to Isabel’s place where we had emborrajados (fried bananas basically), watermelon, and sunny-side-up eggs (Isabel’s food is amazing:)). We then headed straight to our partners’ community – Despertar de los Angeles – where we immediately began starting our groups and executing our plans! We had Allrich, Cynthy, Kareen, and Angel in the gardening group to start planting the flowers for the entrance to the horse therapy area in which children receive visual and physical stimulation therapy! We then had Alfonsina, Kai, Dennis, Sekou, Izaiah, and Iggy in the sprinkler group! They were in charge of replacing the sprinklers to ensure that they can wet the sand so that the dust doesn’t fly everywhere! Our largest group was the painting group which consisted of Anabel, Josse, Remi, Vanessa, Teish, Gianny, Jazmin, Keilyn, Jennifer, Chloe, Carina, Saabriah, Madison, and Dina. The painting section was very hectic. We made some good progress in the beginning but then ran out of paint mid-way 😔 rip. We then went on a “short” break and had snacks yay😊.  A new horse arrived and we were accompanied by members of the community including the wife of the Mayor of Riobamba. We were able to name the horse for them, so we took a vote and decided to name him Angelito 🤍! It took a while for more paint to arrive, so in the meantime some of us helped out with the gardening (it was back-breaking work and some brave soldiers collected horse poop💩 to use as fertilizer). Our paint finally arrived after we had a scrumptious meal from Isabel – it was spaghetti with beef and some pineapple juice. The sprinkler specialist came in and took over the task, so the people working in that group decided to help out the painting group which was much needed. We painted for a long time and finally stopped at 4 p.m. We then headed back to the hotel where we had almost 2 hours of free time YAY! Then we all headed to Isabel’s for dinner where we had a salad, rice, steak with carrots, and chocolate muffins🥹!  We headed back to the hotel for our nightly meeting where we passed the torch 🔥 to Carina who showed off her multi-tasking abilities by spinning a rod while doing calligraphy with the other hand 😱. We reviewed everyone’s comments from the last post! P.S, Remi’s parents need to comment more (she says they hate her) and Vanessa says “Los quiero mucho” to all her family and friends(she’ll excuse it because she knows they suck with technology…). Also parents/friends, please be advised that the next phone call will be on Sunday!! We miss you and can’t wait to see you all 🥰.


your favorite leaders of the group 🫡💪