Adventure Day…

Today was one of the best days of this trip. Though everyday of this trip is life changing, today was extra special for all of us. Filled with adventure, us Glimpsers took a hike to a waterfall, spent the afternoon at a pool, and explored the streets of Jarabacoa ourselves. As Leader of the Day, or Lider Del Dia, today was an even greater experience for myself. Taking on this role, I experienced a leadership role like no other for the first time and it was a great learning opportunity. From wake-up calls at 7 in the morning, to making sure everything ran smoothly in activities, and passing the torch to our future leader of the day, I was driven by compassion and the want to learn and grow as a young leader. I was able to connect with all my fellow 20 glimpsers and being leader gave me a feeling of purpose. Seeing my Glimpsers recognizing my hard work and showing their appreciation for me as an individual, it made a very fulfilling day. After intense days such as Living Like a Local, Working like a Local, and Culture Day, today was our escape to be teenagers and and have a genuinely good time here in the Dominican Republic. Throughout the day, I overheard people mention that today was their favorite day so far on this trip and I am glad that I had the opportunity to lead this day.

To the next.

Playing Volleyball at Salto Baiguate

Group Photo at Salto Baiguate


Volleyball in the Pool

Salto Baiguate

In the Water at Salto Baiguate