Hello families!

Today was our beach day! We started the day with a ham and cheese sandwich and orange juice. We then all gathered to go to the beach. We walked there and as soon as we got there we all ran into the ocean to have a fun time. We played volleyball, raced in the sand, and searched for sea glass and shells. While at the beach some street vendors brought souvenirs for us to purchase such as necklaces, bracelets, scarves, shirts, wood sculptures, and magnets. Some of the vendors even braided the girls’ hair. After two hours at the beach, we went back to the base house and got in the pool to clean off and relax. Then we had lunch where we ate rice with some chicken, avocado, beans, pasta salad, and some fruits. We packed to get ready to head back to Constanza. When we got back we had to prepare for our CAP presentation and presented to Ramon Ferrera who is the leader of the community center. Once that was done we had some dinner of plantains and chicken fingers. After our nightly meeting, we had some downtime and will be off to bed soon to prepare for the first day of our CAP day tomorrow!