We started off the day excited for what’s to come! Today we got to go to the a beach in Nicaragua. First it was breakfast, then we all went back to the hostel to prep for the beach. With swimming clothes on, snacks, towels, flip flops, and sunscreen with soccer balls also, we were off! As we were notified ahead of time that we were going to a ‘private island’ by boats, we felt pretty cool. With life jackets on, we went through a lake to arrive at the island.

IMG_0353Once there, we took a little walk to the beach area. Arriving at the beach, we waited for the red cross lifeguards to give us the all clear to enter the water. During the wait, people spent there free time playing soccer, taking pictures, and applying sunscreen. Once allowed to go into the water, everyone rushed in and enjoyed there time by bodysurfing, letting the waves hit them, going underwater, and most importantly cooling off from being under the hot Nicaraguan sun. Once it was time for lunch, the group sat down in a shack like area to enjoy either a cooked fish meal or a nice vegetarian meal. From mine and Ryan’s opinion the fish meal (which was a whole fish with eyes and teeth) was one of the best meals we have had in Nicaragua so far.

After lunch, we had a little time left at the beach so everyone enjoyed the last bit by playing soccer or collecting sea shells. Once time at the beach had expired, we took boats part ways back and walked the rest, but that is when a surprising part happened during the trip. In the shallow lake water were two sting ray skeletons! In overall though, everyone seemingly enjoyed the beach a lot and everybody had fun together, but could not wait to get back to the hostel to take a shower and wash all the sand off!


Today we also had our third English teaching classes. With prep time and becoming used to the classes and being teachers, mostly everyone seemed to definitely have a good experience today with their lessons and how the classes went. They seemed to flow smoother and the students looked like they took good information from the classes. My experience as being the leader of the day was great. Everyone thankfully listened to me and it was an experience that I very much enjoyed. Now its time to get ready for another challenge tomorrow by living on a dollar, taking bucket showers, and no electricity with it all being lead by the leader of the day Kwing!

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