Hola Glimpse Fam, It’s your fearless leaders Morgan and Yazmin!!!! Today we led for fun day! The day was filled with SEA, SAND and FUN. We woke up at 6:15 AM at the amazing MOJO DOJO CASA HOUSE in Juan Dolio, Dominican Republic to head to the PLAYA at 9:00 AM. We were the first ones at the beach and claimed a beautiful spot. Everyone was greeted with ocean waves and beams of sunshine. Whilst on the beach we drank agua de coco, ate Limoncitos, and bought handmade bracelets without being scammed might I add. Our Program Coordinators, Ruth and Yoka, taught us everything about bargaining and spending our money correctly on the beaches of the Dominican Republic. After lots of tanning and sunburns, we headed back to the Mojo Dojo Casa House to eat a delicious lunch with the best Dominican potato salad, to then part ways with our fabulous beach house to head back to our hostel in Constanza. The bus ride home was filled with snores and the air was laced with dreams. Once we arrived at our hostel many took rightfully needed showers and washed the arena from hidden places. We then all started our next mission of the day; a Mid Trip Mental check-in. We able to express our emotions privately to ensure our last week in Constanza is all we can imagine. Following the extensive process of twenty teenagers taking a survey, we ate a unique dinner of cheese fries and pork sausage. Now we are here! Overall, today was a spectacular day filled with laughs and Zzz’s, we can’t wait to see what tomorrow has in store for us. Mucho Amor <3 Yaz & Morgs signing out!