Que Lo Que!

Today’s excursion was led by our Global Glimpsers, Angelo and Saray. After waking up at 7, and having some breakfast, we headed straight to work! Everyone (Including staff and guests) participated in a mini tour from our host Miguel on his coffee plantation, and then together we all dug some weeds out of ROWS of tiny coffee plants. We went at it with the weeds for hours until we parted ways with Miguel and his nice crew! After coming back and scraping the mud off all of our shoes, we indulged in some free time and food. After some competitive card games we headed over to the coffee factory where the coffee plants are processed into coffee beans and coffee grounds. We got an amazing tour guide who answered all our questions, and even took us into a cafe! Everyone got to try black coffee with sugar and had some pretty nice reactions to how good it was! After thanking Cafe Monte Alto and the staff we returned back to the rancho and chilled for a bit>>> After some fun, everyone got to indulge in some hamburgers and fries, getting some nostalgic fast food feels from back home! We then had our nightly meeting where our Global Glimpse staff joined us for the second time today, and we closed out the day by introducing and passing the mantle to our new Leader Del Dia!

-Angelo and Saray, writing straight outta Jarabacoa>