Hi! My name is Imogen and I was the leader for this coffee-themed day! After waking up and eating breakfast at 8:00 AM, the group had a mental warm-up on the subject of working like a local in Jarabacoa. This is where we learned about the leaders we would soon meet at the coffee plantation such as Miguel.

After leaving Villa Anacaona to go to Vivero de Cafe at 9:30 AM, we met Miguel and the rest of the workers who taught us how to organize coffee bags and clean up the weeding process. After working in small groups with our gardening gloves for a while, the group left at 11:45 PM to go back to Villa Anacaona for cleanup and lunch.

When we got home we cleaned out all the mud from our gloves, pants, and shoes to get ready for lunch at 1:00 PM. After our nutritious lunch, the group had a second mental warm-up on the subject of global business. During this discussion, we talked about Cafe Monte Alto (a coffee factory) that takes the coffee plants from local farms like Vivero de Cafe to produce and shape into edible coffee beans and powder to sell. Once we arrived to Cafe Monte Alto, we got a guided tour from Adrianna throughout the factory to get a detailed description of how the manufacturing process works.

We then headed to Cafe Monte Alto’s coffee shop, where the group got to buy bags of different types of coffee made there as well as taste their most famous coffee. After giving “Big Love” shoutouts to our tour guide Adrianna, we headed back to Villa Anacaona for free time and clean up. After dinner from 7:00-8:00PM, the group cleaned up their dishes and got ready for the nightly meeting. After discussing the question and quote for that day again after learning from the full day, the group mentions their roses and thorns of that day as well, as any specific shoutouts to give in the group. After the discussion on what we’ve learned about global business and working like a local, the torch was passed to Asia, who will be leading us tomorrow throughout the free day!