Before Ivanna’s blog entry, this is just a quick reminder that the pictures (for now) can be found on the Esteli June 8 blog on Facebook.  Here is the lnk.  Thank you so much to the 9 families that “LIKED” our page in only 24 hours!!!  There are new pics for today.


Today we went to Canon De Somoto, its a beautiful river we visited. It’s about an hour and 15 minutes away from Esteli. We were going with the current of the river and jumped off of a 12 foot cliff then another cliff that was 30 feet tall, which was very challenging for some people. We had 5 red cross life guards with us, so your kids were SAFE! After swimming in the river for about an hour and 30 minutes we finally got on to land and walked for 30 minutes back to our bus and ate on the bus. After that we headed back to Esteli and had free time for an hour to wash up and just take a break for a little bit. Then for dinner today we went to Papa Jam’s Pizzeria, which we walked to, the kids were absolutely happy because it was their first time actually going out for dinner and not having to eat beans and rice. Overall everyone had a great day and was very exciting and something new to most of the kids. Thank you for reading! Have a lovely night.

Sincerely, Ivanna DeAnda