After a lovely wake up to Anna singing “Do you wanna build a snowman”, and yet another delicious breakfast from Diego, we got ready for another day of hard work at the Aquiares school. Today was a continuation of the work we did yesterday. It consisted of mixing cement and paving a sidewalk, putting metal sheets on for the roof the kitchen and bathroom, painting the beams, and drinking A TON of water.

For the cement mixture we needed 9 buckets of sand, 2 and a half wheelbarrows of rocks, a bag of cement and lots of water. We then had to do a lot of heavy shoveling to properly mix all the ingredients.

Some strong members of the group then carried wheelbarrows of cement to the place where we were building a sidewalk. Shoutout to Joseina for working hardest on smoothing out the pavement! Ms. Jiménez then signed “GG 2022” on the sidewalk to make our mark at the school.

Grace and Anna worked on painting the beams to make sure the structure won’t rust.

We had lunch at the school again, and then walked to the Mini market during our downtime to get much deserved ice cream.

After lunch, we kept on working on mixing the cement, which was very tiring, so we made sure to take many breaks, drink lots of water and reapply sunscreen so we wouldn’t burn in the boiling sun.

We got home a little after 4pm and took showers, did laundry, and played Ratslap which Tanya won once again. We played a big game of Avocado Smash again, which Emily won. *Snaps*

We had an amazing dinner, of rice and beans and salad, and had lively conversations as we solved Rubiks cubes. Then we passed the torch to our new LDD’s: Grace and Caroline, who performed a beautiful rendition of the Cup Song as their talent. We look forward to their leadership tomorrow.

Overall we had an amazing day of leading, working, and socializing!

¡Pura Vida!

PS. Here are some bonus pictures of Memo

And some more random pictures: