Hello! Greetings from Gianna and Anahit (the leaders of the day). Today we had a great heart healthy breakfast which consisted of eggs with cheese, pieces of bread, and some fruit (mango and pineapple) to keep our health coach happy 🙂

After breakfast we headed to our CAP site. We are all so proud of the work that we have put in! The project is turning out so well and we can’t believe that it’s almost done. Per our arrival, we got to work and delegated tasks again. There were different groups for each task for example, painting, gardening, and working on the exterior design of the park. It was amazing getting to see the children of the community and our fellow glimpsers come together and help each other.

After some work we had lunch at the community center, that past glimpsers used as their CAP site, we had fried rice with different kinds of meat. After our meal, we leaders felt a slight disconnect between our fellow glimpsers. In response to the disconnect we decided to hold a group discussion to clear the air, it was truly a safe space for everyone and we all came together and promoted unity.

Then we returned back to our CAP site and finished working with the children of the community. We got to see the children all play around with our unfinished artwork and it was already such a euphoric experience to witness our hard work being appreciated.

Following our work at the CAP site, we went back to the hotel and had free time for a few hours, and took a trip to the park. On our way to the park we actually got to see the other delegation of Global Glimpsers from Massachusetts, they were so kind and it was nice to see friendly faces. At the park, we played volleyball against some military personnel that are equivalent to the US Marines. We obviously won (10 v 6)! We felt some rain drops so two of us from the group decided to head back with Eli (one of our PC’s coordinators) while the rest of the group stayed with AnaMaria (another PC coordinator). The group that stayed behind witnessed the boys fail at trying to play basketball.

They all headed back to the hotel for dinner. We had hot dogs with fries as well as many toppings.

Lastly, we finished off with our nightly meeting and recapped our day. We then passed the torch to tomorrow’s leaders of the day; Numara and Yasmin.

PS. Shoutout!

Gianna’s Shoutout: Love you Mom, Dad, Elliot, and Issac! Can’t wait to share so many stories and experiences 🙂 See ya soon <3

Anahit’s Shoutout: Hi Mom, Dad, and Ara! I miss you all so much and can’t wait to see you soon <3