Hello family and friends,

This is Seamus and Emanuel, we were the leaders of the day. Day 9 was a challenging, but rewarding one. We first started our day at 4:30 am. We grabbed a protein-loaded breakfast at 5 am and headed out shortly after. We arrived at the work site around 8:30 am where we began hiking towards the mountain where we were reforesting in Cambutal. It was raining which challenged us, however, many of us persevered and planted roughly 20 trees per person.

After much hard work and sweat we met our daily quota and finished an hour earlier than expected. We then ate lunch, which was rice and mashed potatoes. This is a typical meal for a daily worker. Shortly after we made our way back to our hotel. When we arrived at the hotel we cleaned up and had burgers for dinner (which everyone loved). A while later we had our CAP debrief where we talked about stepping out of our comfort zones, what we accomplished, and how we felt about the CAP project. We were able to plant 1500 trees which was more than our friendly competition, who planted 700 trees. We then had our nightly meeting recap of the day where we talked about how everyone felt and passed the torch to the next Leaders of the Day.

We learned that being leaders is not easy, but we still pushed and learned along the way. It was fun being able to guide our fellow glimpsers to success.

Best – Seamus and Emanuel