Hello readers, it’s Roselyn and Izel your Leaders of the Day.  Today was Day 9, which was our 1st CAP (community action project) delivery.  We started our morning by waking everyone up at 7:00 am. We were supposed to start breakfast at 8 am but due to a situation with the driver breakfast got pushed back an hour, which pushed our whole day by an hour.  We left for the community around 10 am and once we got there we started to put in the work.  The community members explained what had already been done and what we were going to be focusing on today.  We had people shoveling and pickaxing the dirt so we could later on put in the pipes to make our aqueducts.  We had a few accidents which caused multiple pipes to burst, but not to worry, they ended up being fine! Around 12:30 pm, we left for the ranch to have some lunch, and around 2:00 pm we headed back to the community. From there, we worked until 4 by covering the pipes back up with dirt. When we were leaving the community, we had to pull over and change our bus tire, which pushed our itinerary back a little. After an hour, everything was resolved and we headed into town, we got some smoothies (which were delicious!).  We left for the grocery store and bought some snacks, then headed back to the ranch for dinner and some free time.

The Question of the Day today was, ” What will our community action project mean to the community?” After today, I was able to better understand the question. I saw how hard these communities have to work for their necessities. I know how much is going to mean for them. I’m glad that we are here to help, even if it is just shoveling dirt and putting it back because it speeds up the process.