Halima – My day was engaging and eye-opening. In spite of the long and grueling walk down the 250 steps downhill, when I stepped foot on “Sonido De Yaque”, the self-sustained mountain community, it felt and looked like absolute paradise – with the colorful flowers and crops growing. It was an organized and close-knit community built on the shoulders of strong women; mothers and daughters alike. I am inspired by their strength and resilience. Today, I learned that anything is possible if you have the courage and determination to follow through.

Samirah 🙂 – Today we went to the community “Sonido de Yaque” where we met amazing women. These strong women have created a strong and stable family. One thing that surprised me was how humble the community was. We saw the reflection of these strong women in the children they had raised. There were these two girls that treated us like family, they showed us how to make wishes with rocks at the lake which I thought was cool. One thing that really impacted me was that they told us “promise me you will come back”, it really touched me.

Tais – Today was an amazing day at “Sonido del Yaque” we all got to see how the amazing community lives. While we were there some of us got to work in the kitchen, some of us got to help out in doing chores at people’s houses, and some of us got to do manual labor. The most exciting part was playing with the lovely kids of the community. It was really nice teaching them new games and just having fun with them. It was so nice to see that this community came together to help one another.

For all of us, being Leaders of the day gave us the opportunity to practice balancing the desires of the group while also upholding structure. It was an amazing day and we could not have been happier with the outcome.