¡Buenos Días desde Turrialba!

We began today with a desayuno, breakfast, a la Rosa y Diego our wonderful cooks. After breakfast, our amazing friend Karla made a return! Sadly, she brought no cows with her :(, but she did bring her bubbly personality, which brightened all our days.

We listened as she talked about the history and importance of conservation in Costa Rica. In an engaging presentation, Karla summarized how conserving the environment leads to a sustainable planet. Our favorite part was definitely the candy we would get after participating! Karla’s presentation showed us the importance of protecting the Earth. When we care for our planet, we care for our future!

Later on, we continued to learn about Costa Rica and its nature reserves. Karla began explaining how there are different types of volcanoes and explosions.

We were all shocked to learn that the Turrialba volcano erupted this morning! It was the biggest explosion in 20 years and we had to get evacuated, which is why this post is a tad late…

No, we’re just joking; it was a small explosion, but this did not take our amazement away. She showed us a video of the event, where we learned that not all volcanic eruptions lead to magma coming out of the crater. Sometimes, only dust, ashes, and other volcanic materials leave the crater. While some of us were amazed by this eruption and its closeness, others were scared. They worried about the people that live in the areas surrounding the volcano and how its eruptions affect their daily lives. Luckily, eruptions as small as these cause little disturbance in the community and we had no need to worry.

We then had free time where “Ben, the best person in the entire group, had a great nap, he was really tired during Karla’s presentation and had a 3 hour nap. When asked about this, Benjamin Koritz said, ‘Oh my goodness guys this was the best nap ever didn’t dream… never dream, but still the best nap ever’” (Koritz 2022). While our very humble friend did that, others played in the pool, played cards, or drew with chalk.

Today was Liz’s wedding anniversary. We planned a surprise dinner, where we dressed up in our fanciest clothes and cut a cake. Having no idea of this, she was completely shocked when she walked into the dining room and saw all the decorations. 

After this, it was time for our nightly meeting, where we announced our very special Karaoke Night. We ended the night singing our hearts out to our favorite songs. Noah had a spot on impersonation of Kermit the Frog’s “Rainbow connection” that had us all emotional, and Rosie was heated on “No Problem” hitting every bar with impeccable flow. We went to bed prepared for our very first CAP (Community Action Project) day.