Hello! This is Angela Du, reporting for DUty…get it…because it’s my last name…. (courtesy of Justene) for Day 9, which was our first official free day.

For the first time in nine days, students had the option of waking up at 8:30 (even though most students woke up at 6:00 anyway out of habit). Shortly after we had very filling breakfast following the previous “Living Like a Local Day” and proceeded to douse our pancakes with syrup.

Since many of us wanted to participate in dance class, Heyssel arranged with the local dancing instructor for a class at 10:00. While some decided to sign up for the class, others went out to use the internet cafe to call their friends and family. Meanwhile, since the dancing instructor had an emergency earlier, the students that signed up couldn’t dance, but we had a great time lifting weights and watching people lift weights instead. Afterwards, we stopped by the bakery next door and ate some dulce de leches, milk cakes, and empanadas (they were great by the way!!).

When we went back and finished eating lunch, we dedicated some time to planning our lessons for the day.

The glimpsers went out in groups of four or five and finally had hours to explore around town and buy more souvenirs for y’all. We went anywhere from the internet cafe to call you guys more, to peruse little shops around town, and to buy the ice cream that everyone seems to like around here (passionfruit ice-cream to be specific). During the day, it spontaneously sprinkled while being still being extremely humid, but I’m pretty sure we all enjoyed the refreshing shower.

We all promptly arrived back before 5 o clock to eat our dinners, and headed straight to teaching our kids. Children in Nicaragua don’t go to school on Fridays, and we learned that AFTER we saw that most of our students hadn’t come to our classes either. For a second I thought our lesson plans had scared them away!? But hopefully that’s not so.

Anyways, today was a pretty great day, especially since the students really got to explore all they wanted and spend all their money.

PS: I fell into the bushes while one of my students was dragging me around.

PPS: We miss you a lot Rega!!

PPPS: We read ALL the comments. Keep ’em comng!

Buenos noches,

Angela Du