The leaders of the day were John and Jalen. In order for us to become leaders of the day, we had to show our talents. John sang while Jalen showed her calligraphy skills. All of us woke up in Juan Dolio at 6:30 am for ‘Fun Day’! For breakfast, we ate pancakes, fruits, and eggs. After that, we spent time at the beach. It was a sunny day with some overcast weather. For safety reasons, we had to stay waist level above water if we wanted to be in the ocean. Some of us bought souvenirs from local vendors. We also collected seashells by the beach. There were a few folks that got buried under the sand for fun. Some of us got our hair braided on the beach. Once we headed back to our hotel, we took showers. Then for lunch, we ate plantains, chicken, salads, rice, beans, and the leftover cake.

At 1:30 pm, we left Juan Dolio and got back at 5:30 pm to our usual hotel in Jarabacoa. Once we got back we had a group meeting about our community action plan. We discussed our plan for making benches for the community. After finalizing our plan we ate pizza for dinner. Once everyone finished eating we presented our community action plan in front of the Global Glimpse leaders which detailed our ideas about the benches which will be built for the community. This was a student-led action plan. Therefore, this was only created by students and not the adults. All the ideas in the presentation were student-led and we could not present the plan until we all agreed to the plan.

Next, we had our enlightening nightly meeting. Then after 10:30 pm, the lights were OUT!

We miss our parents, nosotros extrañamos a nuestros padres.

Love, by the leaders of the day
John and Jalen