Despite the early wake up call of 6:15, most Glimpsers were excited for the day of volcano boarding. Cerro Negro, the volcano we went down, has perfect conditions for boarding. After our breakfast of Gallo pinto, eggs, fried plantains, fruit, and another delicious beverage, we were picked up by the QuetzalTrekkers, our guides for volcano boarding. Our two guides were clearly in awe of our singing to Team Tuani’s playlist on the bus. Once we arrived, we were given heavy equipment to take up the volcano such as floppy suits, goggles, gloves, and boards. Our scenic trek up the volcano was difficult for some, but we’re proud to say everybody made it to the top after about an hour. At the top, our guides showed us the craters and gave us background information on volcano boarding. After a ton of photos, we struggled into our suits and prepared to slide down. The path down was dusty and a little bit scary, but the experience was worth it. Many of us were nervous at first, but everyone wished that they could do it again! Once the equipment was packed up, we drove to an eating area for signature Quetzaltekker burritos (tortilla, beans out of a bag, assorted veggies, Ranchitos chips, and salsa). After lunch, we had a sleepy bus ride back to the hostel to prepare for nightly English tutoring before free time. We had less free time than expected (because volcano boarding ran late), but everyone was happy to explore Leon in small groups. Some people bought souvenirs while others bought fruits, smoothies, and other pre-dinner snacks. Dinner wasn’t the typical Gallo pinto, but rather a fabulous Pizza Hut meal! Many Glimpsers missed normal American food, so pizza was a delicacy. Finally, we ended the day with English tutoring, the nightly meeting, and group games.