Hello Everyone! Today we, Taylor and Tayne, were the LDD`s (liders del dia a.k.a. leaders of the day) for what was supposed to be CAP Project Day 3. Unfortunately, inclement weather put a wrench in our plans and so we had to shift gears. This morning we woke up with some rain and had a wonderful breakfast of pancakes, eggs, yogurt, mango, pineapple, and banana with fresh juice. It was delicious as usual thanks to our amazing chefs Diego and Rosa! After breakfast, we decided that due to the rain and the incoming storm we were unable to continue our CAP, so we spent the day in at Casa Aquiares.

We all played card games, napped, journaled, and went for little walks (since it´s day 9 we are allowed to go into town in small groups!). We brought home our friend Chester the Dog! For lunch, we had fried rice with beans and salad and then went back to downtime. To keep busy we made friendship bracelets, did a photoshoot and some of us (JJ) even jumped in the pool. Shout out to Memo for bringing his Nintendo switch so that we could all MarioKart to pass time! For dinner we had cheeseburgers. The theme of today was flexibility, but we all enjoyed getting to spend some downtown time together!

Mom, Dad & Ally: I miss you guys so much, hope you had an amazing time at Hamilton and can not wait to hear all about it. Nate: I love you and can`t wait to be with you soon!

Mother, Jason, Baise & Tatum: I miss you crazy people. I miss my partner in crime too, my dog, Tucker.

We can not wait to revisit the world outside of Casa Aquiares (even though we`re gonna miss this place!)